A visual front end for CCCaster, extending Melty Blood Community Edition.

Concerto is under active development. Expect many releases, missing features and potential bugs.

Get started


Place Concerto.exe in the same folder as CCCaster (an exe file which should be named 'cccaster.v3.0.exe'). Running the program will inherit the settings you normally use for CCCaster itself, including name and controls. Start concerto.exe and don't keep CCCaster or MBAA.exe open while using Concerto.

Features provided by Concerto

  • Online lobbies: From the Online > Lobby screen, you can create or join lobbies. Click "Create" to join a new lobby with a unique code. Type in a code and click Join to enter a lobby and play without exchanging IPs over text.

  • Direct connection: Standard CCCaster direct connection is supported from the Online screen.

  • Offline features: Access training mode, replays, local versus and tournament versus from the Offline screen.


System requirements: Concerto requires OpenGL 2.0 support which is not supported by Microsoft's default graphics drivers. If you've never installed drivers for your PC get them from your provider: Intel, AMD, or Nvidia.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 through Windows 10 operating systems are supported. Wine support for Linux has been reported but not tested by the developer. Only 64-bit versions are built at this stage of development but 32-bit will be provided in the future.

For Windows 7/8.1 you may need the following updates if the program does not start:

Windows Antivirus issues: Because the software is new and behaves differently than a lot of programs you may have Windows Defender try to take action on Concerto. This has lead to files being removed or reports of CPU throttling. Add an exclusion in Windows Security as a first step of troubleshooting.

How to report bugs and crashes: Concerto will generate 2 log files: concerto.log (there always only be one), and a timestamped .txt with the "Concerto_" prefix (these will be generated on each program session). Send these to Shiburizu#7634 on Discord for troubleshooting.

If you're unsure if something is behaving strangely, ask about it anyway. The best way to find out if your issue is known is checking the #modding channel on the Melty Blood Community Server.

Melty Blood is a property of French Bread. Concerto does not provide you with a copy of Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code.